SmartTouch POS is the  feature-rich, affordable, and highly customizable electronic point-of-sale system ideal for your coffee shop or café. This POS software for Cafés software has been uniquely designed to be a perfect fit for the hospitality industry with features you will not find among our competitors. Take advantage of our free trial offer and see for yourself.

Coffee shops and cafés succeed when customers are served in a timely manner and with a smile. SmartTouch cloud based POS solution makes both possible by offering an efficient and easy-to-use platform enabling you to integrate every aspect of your business.

  • Table Layout – With SmartTouch POS , you can create a layout of your space complete with each of your tables.
  • Portion Options – Create multiple portion options for single item for maximum efficiency. For example, customize the ordering module to accommodate small, medium, and large options for your best-selling house latte. It is the easiest way to streamline the ordering process with no learning curve for your workers.
  • Split Bill – How often do you find groups of customers coming in together but requesting separate bills? With our split bill feature, managing separate bills within a group is easy and straightforward. Your server simply selects the items from the given table to be added to a new bill and saves them. The table will then show two separate bills that can be cashed off individually.

Easy to Install, Easy to Use

SmartTouch POS is the easy-to-install, easy-to-use electronic point-of-sale system for your coffee shop or café. The self-install app is accessible from the Google Play and Apple Store, taking just minutes to download and set up. With just a single terminal, you can be ready to go almost instantly. SmartTouch POS is highly scalable as well, making it possible to install and run up to 1,000 terminals.

With SmartTouch POS, you get a modern electronic point-of-sale system that is:

  • secure – set up user permissions; track a lost or stolen tablet
  • cloud-based – our flexible cloud includes 4 backups at PCI DSS compliant data centers
  • reliable – works even if your Internet connection is out
  • powerful – integrated front and back office makes running your business easy
  • supported – free online support for our subscribers.

You are not likely to find another electronic POS as well suited to your coffee shop or café as SmartTouch POS. Contact us for more information or start your free trial today.