Calculation of wages, taking into account the sale of certain categories of goods

The program allows you to calculate premiums to employees by selling employees of certain categories of goods (products).

Two methods can be used for the calculation of premiums:

  • Calculation based on the percentage of goods sold in a certain category (Percent of sales)
  • Calculation based on the number of goods sold in a certain category (Summ from quantity)

The percentage of sales by category is set individually for each employee in his card (section of the Administration panel \ Employees) on the Percent from sales for goods categories tab.

To enter a percentage of sales – click the Add line button, select the Sales category and set the Percentage.

After entering the percentage of sales – save the information – click the Save button.

If the employee has a common Sales Percentage (on the Salary tab) and the Percentage of sales by categories is not set, the total Percentage of Sales will be included in the payroll calculation.



The sum from quantity by categories is established individually for each employee in his card (section of the Administration panel \ Employees). To adjust the premium on the Payroll tab

Set  Sum from quantity checkbox



In the appeared tab Sum from quantity, enter the amount of the premium for the sold item of a certain category:

Click the Add line button, select the Class category and set the Sum from quantity.

After entering the list of categories and allowances – click the Save button.





Delay in payment

A delay of payment allows you to defer payment of part of an order for a certain period.

Deferral of payments can only provide guests registered under Administration Panel \ Loyalty \ Guests

The guest card at the “Credit” tab, specify the maximum number of days deferred payment.



To apply a deferred payment when paying with a mobile terminal sale click the button sale in the pop-up menu, select the “guests” in the list that appears, select Guest Guest Name that should delay the payment.



Comments on orders tabs on the tablet

Mobile POS terminal allows you to follow the order comment. Comments can be used to account for the peculiarities of orders, and to identify them in the tabs in the Sales window.

The ability to display the comments in the tabs is determined by using the interface in the section of mobile application settings.


To enter comment you must in window of sale, press the Menu button, select the order Comment and enter a short text in the dialog box that appears.

Setting Outlets

Configuring establishments made in the Administration Panel to Configure \ Outlets

To change the list of places enough to double click on the outlets or on the line and press “Edit” button


The card Outlet

Name – name of the institution

on the main tab:

Price-list – is determined by the used list (menu), according to which the sale of goods or services will occur.

Type – available: Restaurant mode with waiters table card orders are attached to the tables produced guest checks printing. In Shop mode without waiters, a mobile application running on the “simplified” scheme excluding tables. This mode can also be used for laundry, a shop, dry cleaning, maintenance services, such as repair of mobile phones.

Default Warehouse for write-off on sales – a warehouse that will be made through the delivery and disposal of goods

Default cache for income from sales – cash registers for the sale of goods and services establishments


tab Printer:

Printer – a printer which prints Guest check


tab Fiscal register:

Fiscal register – choice of model used fiscal register

IP address SmartTouch BOX – IP address of the microcomputer to which the fiscal printer can be connected


on the Settings tab in the mode Shop, cafes without waiters:

Manual cash days change – allows the user to initiate a change of closure.

Exchange with cloud after each payment – sends information about the goods sold to the central database after each sale.

Sync orders on all tablets – in the case of multiple tablets simultaneously in a single outlets, inter update order information.

Print guest check – activates printing preparation tickets. This mode can be used in a mode … Shop Print “receipt” for the enterprises which are separated in time (days) events acceptance of the order and its execution. For example Laundries (Dry), a shop and other services.

External code


on the Settings tab in the Mode restaurant with waiters:

Manual cash days change – allows the user to initiate the closure of the change

Exchange with cloud after each payment – sends information about the goods sold to the central database after each sale

Sync orders on all tablets – in the case of multiple tablets simultaneously in a single outlet, inter update order information.

Print preparation tickets – activates printing preparation tickets . Preparation tickets  this guidance for preparing meals. Usually preparation tickets  printed on printers installed on the kitchen or in the shops for food preparation.

Print guest check – activates printing Guest check. This mode can be used in a mode … Shop Print “receipt” for the enterprises which are separated in time (days) events acceptance of the order and its execution. For example Laundries (Dry), a shop and other services.

Print receipt when paying – activates printing fiscal receipt

Ask for table number for each new order – opens dialog enter the table number when you create an order
Ask for quantity of guests for each new order – opens a dialog for entering the number of guests when you create an order

Include eMenu, BonusMe app support – allows visitors to places to use the mobile application SmartTouch eMenu to order meals and control the preparation of the application and installed on smartphones BonusMe customers to select Places.

External code



Notification tab:
Get notification about new request by email - defines the e-mail address to which to send the letter with information about ordering

You can create one cloud a few outlets. Users can create an entire network of enterprises. Modes and settings may vary between the institutions themselves. The reporting system allows you to create performance for the entire network and for each outlet individually.

Tracking Guests in the Administration panel

The list of Guests is located in the Administration panel, in the Loyalty\Guests section

As a rule, both regular clients of the establishment and those who are intended to be attracted to the special events, are added in the Guests lists.

Working with this list will allow you:

  • keeping records about guests and their contact data
  • keeping records about cards issued to clients
  • checking for legitimacy of the granted discounts
  • comparing card applicants with the photos
  • keeping records of the regular clients preferences
  • sharing customers by Guest Category

The Guests list of the Administration panel automatically syncs up to the clients list of the mobile POS-terminal on the tablet.

The list may be filtered by Name, Surname, Phone number, Card number, Post address, month and year of birth.

In the guest’s card there is the History section which allows tracking the sequence of the discounts applying.

Automatic bill splitting between guests

“Everyone pays for his own food”, this solution was implemented on the POS-terminal for a group meal when people want to share the cost of the bill. It’s easy: when creating an order, don’t forget to indicate the number of guests and link the ordered dish with the guest who will pay for it. This information will be displayed on the preliminary check.

Executing products receipt. Receipt based on the payment bill

Executing products receipt


You can prepare products receipt in the Administration panel, section Warehouse \ Products arrival

To create a receipt, click on the Create button

In the document card, fill in all required fields:

  • Supplier
  • Warehouse
  • Delivery number
  • Comments

To enter the list of products, click on the Add row button.

In the new row, you have to input:

  • product
  • unit
  • quantity
  • price

The products amount will be calculated automatically.

Add a new row in the table for each product type.

After completing the products list, click on the Save button.


Receipt based on the payment bill

In the Administration panel, section Warehouse\Products arrival, set the row pointer on the receipt paper to be paid.

Click on the button Input based on – Payment

Fill in the payment details in the document:

  • Inbound payment
  • Cash movement
  • Outbound payment
  • Input mutual payments balances
  • Charge as expenses
  • Cash desk/banking account source
  • Cash movement article
  • Counterparty
  • Amount
  • Comments

To save the document, click on the Save button


SmartTouch Boss: getting started

The SmartTouch Boss application is designed for cafes, restaurants or points of sale managers.

It will help you to perform sales, payments and staff work monitoring from any corner of the world. Go on holidays and business trips with peace of mind, open cafes and restaurants in other cities or abroad.

SmartTouch Boss will immediately notify you of the amount of average check in your establishment, generate reports by sales, cash drawer and suspicious actions of the staff.

Where SmartTouch Boss can be installed?

You can install the latest version of SmartTouch Boss for Android from Google Play Market , and for iOS from Apple iTunes This application is completely free.

After launching the software for the first time, you will be prompted to sign in with your login and password as the establishment owner.

If you didn’t receive any login and password, you can get them for free on the subscription page.

If you have successfully obtained your login and password, sign into your SmartTouch Boss account.



After having signed in: If you use already the SmartTouch POS automation system, you will be able to make a Daily report.

Thus you will see the current sales values.


To change the dates range (data displaying period), use the Date function. To choose other reports (cash, sales by payment methods, sales by products type), tap the menu button BossMenu



Those people, who have got demo-access to the SmartTouch POS for the first time, will be able to receive the Daily report as soon as they automate their establishment. To start the automation process, watch our video tutorial. After inputting products and starting selling, the Daily report function will become available. Have you started automation but something goes wrong? Don’t hesitate to contact our support service and leave your contact data. We will contact you as soon as possible and help you to set up the software.

Other reports in the SmartTouch Boss application:

Cash drawer report

It displays the main values of the cash register day for the chosen dates range (Date from – Date to):

  • Date and time of the cash drawer opening and closing
  • Opening balance
  •  Amounts: sales, withdrawals, inbound/outbound payments, final balance


Suspicious actions

You can view the log of staff suspicious actions for the chosen dates range (Date from – Date to). For example, you can find out the reason why the waiter canceled the preliminary check:


Sales by payment methods

This is an analytical report allowing to evaluate payment methods for the establishment services (Date from – Date to).

For example, let’s admit that you wish to determine the amount of cash passed through the cash drawer during 10 days.

Input the report by Cash payment method and find out how many persons paid by cash during this period:



Sales by products

This report type will be especially helpful to evaluate dishes and beverages popularity (Date from – Date to)



Sales by hours

This report type will help you to determine the time when the flow of visitors increases and the so-called dead hours.


Later you can integrate various activities to attract visitors, for example, by offering 5 % discount from 11 A.M to 2 P.M and 10% for regular customers.

Read more about how to develop a base of regular customers without bonus cards here.

With SmartTouch Boss you won’t miss a trick!

SmartTouch Boss – sales reports and analytics in real time on your smartphone

Designed owners and managers of cafes and restaurants!


We have released the long-awaited product that will be useful to you. Want to keep abreast of affairs of their institutions? You do not necessarily have your computer, tablet, or go to the administration panel. With the new mobile app SmartTouch Boss, all key information about the state of business is always “at hand” in your smartphone. A simple and comfortable user interface SmartTouch Boss, allowing just a few touches to receive relevant reports on your smartphone screen


You can install it directly on your smartphone. Installation for Android fromGoogle Play Market  and for iOS from Apple iTunes

Please send your suggestions and proposals on the necessary reports to you!

Accounting for the distribution of food among the guests

Functionality allows you to store information about the distribution of the ordered dishes among the guests (who had ordered).

When you create an order, specify the number of guests at the table.


If guests will be more than one, on the tablet in the mobile POS – terminal in the list of food icons appear in the form of men.

Click on the icon and select the icon with the number of guests


Information on the distribution of food among the guests will be printed in an Kitchen check

BonusMe – mobile client application

Given its universal scope, ease of use and applied cloud technologies, BonusMe will help visitors to find your establishment and stay with you as long as possible

Help choosing an establishment

  • By using a smartphone, BonusMe application users can make a virtual tour of your city’s cafés and restaurants, take a look at the menu, restaurants environment, get information about opening hours, location and rating of each establishment.
  • BonusMe will help to make sense of current promotions and discounts, to check accumulated bonuses in each point of food service.

Electronic menu in the smartphone

  • When visiting a café or a restaurant, BonusMe users can use their smartphone as an electronic menu thus they will be able to choose, to order and to follow up dishes preparation process.  If they wish, they will be able to make a preorder in your establishment by specifying time when they will arrive and dishes to be prepared.
  • BonusMe application will be also helpful for remote food ordering and its delivering home or to offices.

BonusMe working together with POS-terminal

  • BonusMe application is integrated in the cloud based sales system SmartTouch POS. That’s why the staff works with smartphone requests as easily as with common orders.
  • Once an order is placed in BonusMe, it will be automatically transmitted on the waiter’s tablet in the SmartTouch POS application. The waiter processes the order or sends it to the kitchen for preparation.
  • Guests, if they wish, can follow up all stages of the order preparation on their smartphone.

SmartTouch POS and BonusMe loyalty system

  • When paying for the order, bonuses will be automatically granted to the client (according to the loyalty system settings in SmartTouch POS) and discounts will be applied as well.
  • To simplify the decision making as to the choice of an establishment, BonusMe will display all preferences granted to the client.


Working with a list of devices connected to the cloud (tablets)

If there are many mobile POS-terminals (tablets) which are working in the establishment

You can view the list of devices connected to the cloud in the Administration panel\Settings\Licenses and Payments.

Click on the button located to the right of the field title “Amount of licenses on devices”.

Devices are included automatically in the list when connecting to the cloud.

If required, you can select specific devices from the list to be connected in compliance with the number of devices licenses.

  • To switch connection from one device to another, you will have to remove the flag from the first device and set it for the second one.
  • To delete a device from the list, click on the Recycle Bin button.