reports and analytics

Custom reports:

Reporting by payments: incoming, outcoming, internal movements
Creation and management of cash flow items
Cash register reports
Management of counterparties’ database
Composite report by products movements and stocks with configuration by periods and warehouses
Reports by turnovers with suppliers
Reporting by orders (establishment, table, waiter, amount, extra charge, discount, creating/closing time)
Summary sales statistics by products, days, hours and payment methods
Sales estimation by products groups
Sales profitability report by reference to writing-off



SmartTouch POS automation system for a restaurant, cafe, street food incorporates several software modules and represents a variety of sales, staff, warehouse, cash register, loyalty and marketing management systems. You will be enabled to view detailed efficiency reports both by a separate point of sale or coffee house and by establishments chain.

SmartTouch epos system is a fully-featured ERP system bringing a new level of sophistication to the restaurant or cafe management.

The back-office (administration panel) is located on our cloud server ensuring greater data security and remote accessibility from any place at any time.