products and dishes

Features of products and dishes management:

Creation and management of various goods types: products, dishes, ingredients, convenience food, services
Creation and management of products categories
Cost cards of dishes and convenience food
Warehouse products recalculation the dishes were made of
Reports by cost cards


Inventory and work with counterparties:

Goods and materials requests
Receiving goods in the warehouse
Possibility to make a request for a product from each point of sale
Performing requests in 1C automatically
Management of inbound products, products displacement and writing-off by different suppliers and warehouses, inventory
Minimum stocks by warehouses
Warehouse records keeping by barcodes



The barcode inventory software SmartTouch POS will allow you managing warehouse stocks, performing products and dishes inventory and count, automating work with counterparties.

You will be provided with visual reports and analytics by sales periods, by receiving, displacement and writing-off of products groups, products and dishes, which will enable you to plan your purchase volume more thoroughly.