Getting started in the Mobile Application

You can run SmatrTouch POS application on your tablet by taping the icon


After you sign in, you’ll gain access to the application’s main menu



The main menu offers you the possibility to go quickly to the most frequently used windows of the program:

Reports opens a report by payment types.

If you want to choose another report, to go to other program’s windows or go back to the main menu, use the Menu button located in the upper-left corner of the screen.


  • Requests allows going quickly to the window of product supply order in an establishment
  • Guests opens guests list and loyalty cards window
  • Sales takes to the window of open orders
  • Closed orders allows working with the list of closed orders
  • Settings allows adjusting mobile application’s settings


Additional buttons:

Additional buttons may be located in the upper right corner of the windows heading. These buttons will provide the possibility to go quickly to other windows or execute various courses of action:


This button allows changing a user or reauthenticating. User’s name (of1) working on the tablet is displayed to the right of the button


Transition to the window Open orders


Transition to the window Sales


Displays sales revenue by payment type overnight


Initiates information exchange with a cloud


Creates a new order


Transition to the window Tables map


Allows moving tables on the Tables map